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The Foundation Chair recognizes patrons who, exemplifying the highest level of involvement and support, have donated a minimum contribution of $25,000. The Sylacauga High School foyer was selected to display the bronze plaques so students, parents, and others could honor these individuals. The marble wall reads: "The Sylacauga City Schools Foundation Honorary Chair Members, Patrons for Excellence in Education."

Featured Chairs

The John G. Hudson Chair 1989

The Comer Foundation Chair 1990

Featured Chair

During its first two years of existence the Sylacauga Schools Foundation raised more than $140,000 to ensure that each child attending a Sylacauga school would experience excellence in education. One of the leading industries in Sylacauga that made significant contributions was Avondale Mills through the presentation of The John G. Hudson Chair and The Comer Foundation Chair. These Chairs were presented in September 1990 with Mrs. John Hudson unveiling the chair honoring Mr. Hudson, retired president of Avondale Mills, and Bragg Comer representing The Comer Foundation.


These Chairs were the first two of a total of seven Chairs presented by The Comer Foundation or Avondale Mills—The Comer Foundation Chair 1992, The Comer Foundation Chair 1994, The Comer Foundation 1995, The Avondale Mills Chair 1995, and The Comer Foundation Chair 2001.


The bronze plaques commemorating all Foundation Chairs can be observed in the main concourse of Sylacauga High School on the wall of “Patrons for Excellence in Education.” Avondale Mills for decades was one of the cornerstones for business/industry in the Sylacauga community. The Sylacauga City Schools Foundation will always be grateful for their unwavering and amazing support throughout the years. Their presence in our fair city is truly missed, economically and educationally.

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